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new market opportunities

With OONE you can:

  • Ask a local professional info about marketing and export in more than 30 countries

  • Ask for initial legal or tax advice

  • Find a local partner to have physical support around the world comfortably from your office

  • Validate the target market for the launch of a new product in B2B and B2C

new market opportunities


  • To help you make effective and immediate decisions by saving your time

  • To minimize costs and get the information you need straight away

  • To reduce the risks of opening up to new markets

new market opportunities

Our method

The portal provides you with a network of international professionals specializing in marketing, legal and tax assistance and consultancy.

Check the Countries available on the map and choose those you are interested in.

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Sign up for the platform and buy the pack closest to your needs.

Each purchased hour entitles you to a call with one of our partners in the selected country.

In your request you can provide details of your project and ask for the information you need to start your business abroad: market trends, communicative dynamics, digital marketing tips, socio-cultural practices, etc.


  • Socio-cultural information on the market that interests you

  • Definition of a digital marketing plan targeted on specific sectors or markets

  • Interpretation and analysis of market research country by country with native speakers

  • Information on the main certifications and regulations in the country of interest

  • Legal and juridical advice in managing the business abroad

  • Immediate support in the evaluation and management of international calls for tender

  • Choice of markets and distribution channels suitable for the pursuit of specific business objectives

  • Support in the search for new partners, distributors and foreign suppliers

  • 360° on-site support and implementation of a strategic plan customized to your company

  • International tax advisory service

  • Tax and accounting support for business operations abroad

  • Consulting activity in the processes of import and export of the product

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