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Global markets, digital revolution, business networking, open innovation. These are the keywords that identify the OONE project, the innovative “one-solution” system created to accompany small and medium-sized Italian companies in the internationalization process.

The premise is simple: to effectively enter a new market, different from the one which is known, specific cultural, economic and legal skills are required. And the proposal of OONE is just as immediate: to connect companies that want to go global with professionals operating in the chosen country.

OONE, in fact, offers entrepreneurs a network of experts in various fields, such as marketing, legal and tax advice, able to provide an initial support to the export strategy in over 30 countries.

Through a video call service which can be accessed directly from the website, entrepreneur has the opportunity to contact an expert in the chosen country, to which he can request all the information necessary to start his own business abroad: local economic trends, marketing strategies, political and cultural aspects and initial consultation on tax and legal matters.

Thanks to the one-click connection system, OONE provides the opportunity to establish an immediate matching between companies wishing to internationalise and local professionals, with the aim of facilitating the use and exchange of information between professionals throughout the world.
This is why OONE is much more than a consulting service: it is a community made up of companies and professionals, born from the desire to resolve all issues relating to new market entry.
 ambitious goal is to generate global interconnections, ideas and innovations, able to favour communication between companies and people and provide digital incentives for networks, relationships and innovative collaborations.

Claudio Riva
Associate Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication
The University of Padua

Francesca Setiffi
Confirmed University researcher of Sociology of Culture and Communication
The University of Padua

Antonio Francesco Maturo
Associate Professor of General Sociology
The University of Bologna