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Why choose OONE and the Call Partner tool?


Schedule a video consultation with a professional abroad in just 10 minutes


Consult our local professionals in over 72 countries with a simple video call, saving time and money


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2 Mbps or more are recommended for a quality video call. To use all OONE functionalities, we recommend using Chrome.

Video consultations with Partners are made in English. However, partners sometimes speak other languages ​​besides English. In each partner's profile you can see if they speak another language besides their mother tongue.

Each hour of video consultation through Call Partner corresponds to an initial one-hour personalised video consultation with a different Partner. After receiving the initial consultation, during which the Partner shares his contact information, you can use our free Call Agenda to follow up.

Our partners are professionals in the legal, accounting, customs, marketing and internationalization fields and can answer all questions regarding their areas of expertise. For each hour purchased, you will have at your disposal an initial one-hour video consultation with a partner of our network to whom you can ask a series of questions to clarify doubts or resolve any problems. In the brief that will be sent to the partner before the call, we recommend that you include a description of your business in addition to the questions and explain what you want to obtain through the consultation. This is to ensure that the partner can prepare correctly and provide you with the answers you are looking for.

Before the actual consultation you will be asked to fill in a request in the Call Partner section. After choosing the consulting category, the country and the Partner, you will be asked to choose 3 dates and the corresponding time slots on which you are available to make the consultation. Finally, you will need to enter a title, a description of your business, your goals and the information you want to get through the consultation. We recommend that you specify your needs in this initial brief so that the Partner can prepare to give you the answers you are looking for.

Each partner within OONE is a law, accounting, customs, marketing or internationalization firm that has professionals within and a well-established presence in the local market, while the Professional is an internal collaborator of the Partner.

OONE engages in daily research and selection of new Partners in order to provide its clients new services and greater coverage. All the Partners present within OONE fall within the parameters defined to offer a high quality service.

Our Partners are highly qualified experts in their field in their country. Before joining OONE, each Partner undertakes to analyze the requests that clients make in the brief preceding the consultation and undertakes to prepare the best answers. For this to happen in the best way, at least 5 days must pass from the moment the consultation is scheduled to the moment it occurs.

Minimum 5 days are necessary for a partner to examine your request, collect the information and provide personalized consultation.

We suggest you stay connected for the whole duration of the call (1 hour) and if the Partner doesn’t show up, send us immediately an email to support@oone.eu. We’ll then check and, if appropriate, load you an extra hour.

On the Pricing page you can check if the number of hours you have purchased gives you the possibility to change the date and time of one or more scheduled consultations. Remember that in order to do that, you must send an email to support@oone.eu within a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled consultation.