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What are the technical requirements for making calls?
2 Mbps or more are recommended for a quality video call. To use all Oone functionalities, we recommend using Chrome.
In what language are the calls made?
Calls in Oone are made in English. Often, however, partners speak other languages besides their mother tongue and English. In the event that the chosen partner speaks your language, you will be notified.
How can I buy a call package?
In order to buy a call package you need to sign up by clicking on Reserved Area in the upper right hand corner and then go to Buy Credit section in your menu. You can also buy a call package on our Pricing page.
What are the payment methods?
When purchasing a call package you will be sent to the PayPal site. Here you can pay through your PayPal account or by entering your credit card number, in absolute security guaranteed by PayPal.
When is the invoice sent?
The invoice will be sent within 5 working days.
What kind of requests can I make?

Our partners are legal, tax, customs, marketing and internationalization experts who can answer all questions regarding their areas of expertise. During the initial 60-minute consultation, you can ask questions to clarify your doubts or solve your problems.
We recommend downloading the Customer Guidelines from your profile, which will give you ideas for possible questions. There are no space limits so we suggest that you clarify your questions and include your company presentation. This is to ensure that the partner can prepare properly and provide all the answers.

Some examples:
L: Preventive legal advice to avoid risks deriving from signing contracts abroad
A: Advice on choosing the right option for your business setup: branch, subsidiary or representative office
M: Contacting a local marketing agency can be a great way to validate if a particular market can be fit for your new product or service.
I: You can quickly find local partners in your industry by contacting our internationalization partners

What should I write in the new request which will be sent to the partner before the call?
Before making a call, you will need to complete a request for the partner. Enter your website, a description of your company’s main activity, your goals and what you want to know during the call. There is no space limit for this initial brief, so we recommend that you specify your needs so that the partner can prepare and provide you with all the answers.
Who are the Partners of Oone and who are the Professionals?
Each partner within Oone is a law, accounting, cuctoms brokerage, marketing or internationalization firm with professionals within and a well-established presence in the local market, while the Professional is an internal collaborator of the Partner.
How are the partners chosen?
OONE engages in daily research and in the selection of new partners in order to provide its customers with new services and greater coverage. All the partners present within the network fall within the parameters defined to offer a high quality service.
How can I make sure the partner has the answers I'm looking for?
Our partners are highly competent experts in their field in their country. Before entering OONE, each partner undertakes to analyze the requests that clients send in the brief before the call and to prepare the best answers. In order for this to be done in the best way, from the moment the call is scheduled to the time it takes place, at least 5 days must pass.
Why is there a limit of 5 days from the time of scheduling to the actual call?
In this way, a partner can examine your request, collect information and provide you personalized advice during the call.
What can I do if the partner I chose has not entered hourly availability?
In this case click on NO TIME SLOTS. Our support team will contact the selected partner to update their calendar and will notify you as soon as that happens.
What can I do if the partner is late or does not show up for a scheduled call?
We advise you to stay connected for the entire duration of the call (1 hour) and if the partner does not show up, send us an email immediately at We will then verify and, if appropriate, provide you with an additional call.
Can I change the date and time of a scheduled call?
Go to the Pricing page to check if the package you purchased gives you the possibility to change the date and time of one or more scheduled calls. Remember that to do this, you must send us an email notification within a maximum of 24 hours before the scheduled call.